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Stefano Federico

Nube di Lucciole continues to offer his firefly light to nocturnal wayfarers...

stefano federico

This website is about Stefano Federico: his talents, his creative passion, his view of the world.

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Nube di Lucciole means Firefly Cloud. This is the web identity Stefano used. It encapsulates various facets of his life, his work and his personality.

Stefano's life was filled to the brim with creativity and originality: poetry, music, philosophy, calligraphy, origami, humour and endless discovery. His work took him from his beloved Isle of Capri to cities across Europe. His thoughts took him from his homeland Italy to countries across the world. His desire to communicate took him from his native Italian to English, French and Japanese. His deep appreciation and respect for Japan and its culture can be seen in his study of its language, art, calligraphy and origami.