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Photos and Videos


There are photos of Stefano, photos of his trips to Japan, photos of his origami, photos of the cabinet displaying his works and other treasures, and many others. You will find them all here.

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Tom Wachtel combines some of Stefano's YouTube material and other videos of him and by him into a moving expression of his spirit, his life and his creativity.

Almartino's evocative homage to Stefano's origami work uses Tom Wachtel's photos to create a showcase of the art of paper-folding. The soundtrack is Almartino playing the hang.

» What's a hang?

Risplendono i tuoi occhi a viva luce is a poem of Stefano's set to music by his father Gino. Here it is performed by Eleonora D'Aniello with Riccardo Pecoraro on guitar, filmed by Alessandra Caso and Albino Federico.

Stefano also posted the following 16 videos on YouTube. You can watch them here or on Stefano's YouTube channel.

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