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His creative side

Stefano had an indomitable yearning for learning and discovery. This manifested itself in his extensive study of origami, his profound poetry and his music.


Stefano not only studied origami, he also created them...not just replicating patterns devised by others, but devising new creations using his own original techniques. For him, origami was a way of life. As he liked to say, you can do anything with paper-folding.

origami image
» See his origami works



Stefano's poetry explores the magical, the mystical and the romantic...the human condition. His words are pained yet innocent, anguished yet full of wonder.


stefano with guitar

Stefano was an accomplished guitarist. You can see him play in the Nube di Lucciole video. Some of his poetry has also been set to music by his father Gino.

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