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Life Tracks (Impronte di vita)

book cover

A book about Stefano's life was published in 2012. It is a celebration of his interests, his personality, his work, his family, his creativity, his poetry and his enthusiastic all-encompassing philosophy of life. It contains contributions from his friends across the world as well as photographs of Stefano with friends and family, and examples of his poems and his origami creations.

To reflect his experience of different countries, different cultures and different languages, Impronte di Vita is in Italian, English, French and Japanese.

book cover

The launch of Impronte di Vita took place on 15 September 2012 at a multimedia event to celebrate Stefano's life, with music, videos, poetry and tributes from people who knew him well. Articles about the event appeared in the press.

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This book is not on sale, but if you would like a copy, Stefano's family will be happy to send you one. Send an email to the address on the contact page to request one.

You can also read it online on this website or download it as a PDF to print or read offline.

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