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Stefano Federico lives again in Impronte di Vita

L'informatore popolare, 23 September 2012

Riccardo Pecoraro

On 15 September 2012, a moving multimedia event saw the launch of Stefano Federico's Impronte di Vita (Life Tracks). Organised by Stefano's father, Gino Federico, this event would have delighted Stefenix, as Stefano sometimes called himself online. The book brings together the writings, poetry, calligraphy, origami and photographs of this beloved son and adored brother whose life ended tragically on 16 January 2011 at the age of 32. Gino, Stefano's brothers Marco and Albino and a multitude of his friends worked together closely to produce this wonderful volume.

The Sala Azzurra of Capri's Centro Congressi provided the setting for this presentation of Stefano's works, his impronte...the tracks he made in life. Under the masterly collective direction of everyone involved, his works came to life: performed by Salvatore Di Fede, Isabella Di Stefano and Paolo Federico, recited by Riccardo Pecoraro, sung by Eleonora D'Aniello, with the music of Almartino and a short poetic video by Tom Wachtel.


Luciano Garofano was in charge of proceedings. He introduced the book and the special guests. These included Alberto Carotenuto, Honorary Consul of Japan, a country that was the source of so much of Stefano's inspiration, Marino Lembo, Deputy Mayor of Capri, and Don Carmine Del Gaudio, parish priest of Capri and directly involved in the human side of what happened to Stefano and in bringing his works together, and friends such as Stefano Masi and Shizue Shimizu, who read, in Japanese, poems that Stefano had dedicated to the Land of the Rising Sun.

The event was streamed live via the internet thanks to the efforts of Pierluigi Anastasio. This allowed Stefano's friends to participate from as far away as Japan, France, the UK and other parts of Italy. This complex and emotive evening was also rendered a great success by the participation of Ilya Schultz and so many others who wanted to show their closeness to Stefano's family as well as their appreciation of Stefano and his works, their appreciation of this Nube di Lucciole (Firefly Cloud), the online identity he had been using most recently.


As he took the microphone, Gino was visibly moved, as were the 150 or so people there. He pointed out, to everyone's surprise, that he considered himself to be a very fortunate man, in spite of everything, as he had had the privilege of spending 32 years with an extraordinary person. This observation captured the essence of what was happening that evening.

Gino thanked everyone who had made the event possible, and in particular those who had helped make the book exactly what he had wanted it to be. It is a diary-without-dates in which we can hear Stefano's voice and his words, see his works and his colours, all blended together into a precious and limpid volume. Umberto Natalizio, graphic designer and artist, worked closely with Gino, applying his professional skills with devoted dedication from the moment of the first idea to the day of the final printing. The journalist Anna Maria Boniello also contributed greatly to the production of the book.

Everyone there received a copy of Impronte di Vita and an origami heron made by Gino Federico himself. Gino learned this skill in homage to his son's love of this exquisite Japanese art form.

With this event and this book, Nube di Lucciole continues to offer his firefly light to nocturnal wayfarers...

©2012 Informatore popolare

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